Having proliferated during the nineties in Turkey, Quality Assurance Systems have thus far represented important tools for reaching desired service standards in various institutions of society. Ensuring high quality service standards in national educational systems is vital most especially for developing a qualified workforce and maintaining social welfare. For this reason, a certain need for accreditation in the processes of higher education and particularly in teacher training programs has developed. Having been founded in 2012 and authorized by the Turkish Council of Higher Education, the Educational Faculties Teacher Training Programs Evaluation and Accreditation Foundation (EPDAD), is the most important institution in Turkey today in this context. Trakya University has applied to undergo the meticulous and comprehensive evaluation process of EPDAD with 6 of its programs (German Language Education, Science Education, English Education, Mathematics Education, Pre-school Education, Primary Education) during the 2019-2020 academic year. The accreditation process is still underway.

Click here to view EPDAD's report on evaluation criteria.

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