Mission and Vision Statement

... to prepare for the teaching profession creative and productive individuals who carry the professional ethics, principles, capabilities; who have internalized the concept of democracy and the Revolutionary Ideals of Turkey's Founding Father, Ataturk and who have the capacity to critically evaluate natural and societal concepts and events;

... to enable modern and technologically enhanced environments and organizations where culture, sports and art activities that will facilitate the academic and social development of our students will take place, and to launch national and international events such as congresses, panels, symposiums that will contribute to academic progress in educational sciences;

... to foster a democratic faculty culture with staff members that are dashing, innovative, open to change and aware of academic ethics; not only in teacher education and pedagogical academic fields but also as agents of societal and cultural change who have made it their life's mission to improve their own selves along with the region and the world around them.

... to become a faculty that is comprised of experts in the field of teacher education and pedagogical sciences; who are open-minded, innovative, lifelong learners members of today's information society that are constantly focused on success and contribution to their community, internalizing the principles of Ataturk; therefore nurturing qualified and capable educators and contributing to the solution of society's educational problems via creation and implementation of scientific knowledge.

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