Mission and Vision Statement


....to train teachers who have the ethical principles and basic competencies of the teaching profession, who have internalized the values ​​of Turkish society and Atatürk's Principles and Reforms, who can critically evaluate social events and phenomena, and who have gained the awareness of democracy.

...to create contemporary, technology-supported teaching environments, culture, arts and sports activity areas and practices that will contribute to the academic and social development of students, and to organize national and international events such as congresses, symposiums, panels etc. that contribute to scientific generation in the field of teacher training and educational sciences.

...to create a participatory and democratic faculty culture with academic staff who have adopted the principle of continuous development and learning in professional and personal fields, respect scientific ethical principles, and focus on educational activities that will contribute to regional and national development.


....to become a faculty that trains qualified and competent educators who are contemporary, innovative, open to change, who learn how to learn, who have acquired information society competencies, who are always success and community service oriented, who internalize Atatürk's Principles and Reforms, and contributes to social problems related to education via scientific knowledge generation and practices in the field of teacher training and educational sciences.

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