Trakya University Introduction Video

About Our Faculty
Aiming to prepare for the teaching profession creative and productive individuals who carry the professional ethics, principles, capabilities; who have internalized the concept of democracy and the Revolutionary Ideals of Turkey's Founding Father, Ataturk and who have the capacity to critically evaluate natural and societal concepts and events; Trakya University Faculty of Education began its journey in 1969 under the name of "Edigne Institute of Education". In these early days, the program offered by the institution was 3 years long and awarded degrees in Mathematics and Natural Sciences teaching. Starting an evening school program later on, it was during the academic year of 1978-1979 that the program name was changed to "Edirne Higher School of Teaching" and the program duration was extended to 4 years. During 1981-1982, the program duration was reduced to 2 years and the institution was adopted by Trakya University under the name "Edirne College of Education" as per Decree of Law Number 41. During 1989 - 1990, program duration was once again extended to 4 years and the name has been changed to its final form as "Faculty of Education"
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